For ages 0 to 16

KRETHAUS is a company dedicated to the design and sale of hand-made furniture and accessories, conceptualizing and creating the lifestyle of the young family.

KRETHAUS is an Argentine firm dedicated to contemporary design, founded in 2009 and based in Buenos Aires. Our design proposal is based on the needs of young children, shaping and giving character to all areas of family life. Simplicity and freshness are the fundamental concepts of KRETHAUS.

A concept, a lifestyle that transcends the product itself, sharing and incorporating subtle and contemporary design from the early stages of a child"s life. The use of premium materials and the impact of the formula simplicity + warmth are the differentiating characteristics of KRETHAUS.

Founding partners:

Architect Karina Kreth | Creative Director

KRETHAUS, in the hands of Karina Kreth for creative direction, is recognized for its inviting and pure line design, which combines a dynamic duo of both warmth and sophistication, without forcefulness or pretension.

Related to Kreth"s commercial work as Creative Director, the list of collaborators includes highly-reputable companies in the local design scene, which shares the same spirit of the KRETHAUS brand. For example, STU and Paul Gallery, to name a few which have joined forces for special and exclusive editions.

At the same time, Kreth continues with large scale residential projects. She creates integral designs and products in which to find solutions to unique necessities, which later evolve into products of the company. So these particular projects serve as their great creative laboratory of ideas.

Her work has been featured in specialized publications such as Barzón, Living, D & D, Elle Décor, Harper"s Bazaar, and the leading newspapers in Argentina such as: Clarín Arquitectura, La Nacion, Pagina 12.

Currently Karina lives in Buenos Aires with her husband and two children.

Vanesa Kreth | Commercial Director

Undergraduate degree in International Relations and Doctorate degree in Law.

Responsible for business strategy, contracts, finance and administration. Dr. Kreth joins forces the invaluable expertise of external consultants in the strategic and financial areas.

Dr. Kreth currently lives in Buenos Aires with her son.